Caller ID


Caller ID Display

Reliable Caller ID Device, Designed to work with UK telephone lines.
The iDem16 has been specifically designed for the EPOS Fast food sector to enable
instant decoding of a incoming customer phone number. Manufactured and sold by
GaneData, the iDem16 is the most cost effective, reliable device on the market with
local support. Powered entirely from the terminal USB COM port the device is easy to
install and use. It works on a single line, decoding the callers phone number, date of the
call and time and presents the information via a virtual serial COM port on the users PC/
EPOS Terminal.


Application use as part of fast food EPOS terminals systems- the iDem16 is the
ideal device for system integrators.
Key Features
• -USB Caller ID Device for EPOS
• -Works with all major signals (BT/TalkTalk/Virgin/Sky)
• -Compatible with POSReady 2007/2009/Windows 7/8.1 (driver available)


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